Best classical alto sax mouthpiece

Among the whole family of woodwind instruments, a prevalent one widely used is the alto saxophone. It has been in use since the old times, and it was first designed by Adolphe Sax, a very famous instrument designer.

This instrument was designed in the 1840s, and it is being used extensively in different genres, including Jazz, chamber music, concert band and military bands etc.

The alto saxophone is always on an E flat pitch, and one of the most incredible things about the Saxophone is that the fingerings are the same on every single model.

This means that you can play one Saxophone if you can play them all, making it one of the most accessible instruments to learn and play.

It is a fantastic instrument, and you will enjoy playing it. Whether you are a new player or in the learning stages, you need to know how important it is to make the right decision for buying the Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece. What you chose would affect your level of performance.

The Mouthpiece links the instrument and the player, so this is a vital part of the instrument you need to pay the most attention to. Plus, getting the right Mouthpiece can save you money.

Here is the best alto sax mouthpiece. Let’s get started.

Selmer Mouthpiece for Alto Saxophone

Selmer’s S80 series is an excellent line of hard rubber mouthpieces. More specifically, the Selmer S80 C* is generally regarded as one of the best choices for starting on and even taking you to the next stage during your first year or two of playing.

This is suitable for both the learning students, beginners, professionals, and it works well for all styles of music. This is one of the highest quality mouthpieces that is great for Selmer Saxophone.

It weighs 1.6 ounces, and size dimensions include 4.8 x 2.2 x 2.2 inches. It offers unmatched quality and easy playability at a fair rate. Try this for improved sound quality and better response.

S-80C features medium-long facing, and the preferred material used by the company was hard rubber. The result is excellent durability and premium quality of the Mouthpiece that you will love.


  • Square cross-section in the chamber
  • Great for a “step up” Mouthpiece
  • Tip opening: 1.70
  • Facing length: 22.00
  • Facing length: 22.00, tip opening: 1.70
  • Square cross-section in the chamber
  • Great for a “step up” Mouthpiece
  • Tip opening: 1.70
  • Facing length: 22.00
  • Facing length: 22.00, Tip opening: 1.70
  • Standard in professional mouthpieces


  • Beautiful warm tone.
  • Blends well with other saxophones for ensembles


  • Expensive

Yamaha Alto Sax Mouthpiece 4C

Yamaha is a world-famous brand supplying top-class musical instruments and accessories. Among its line of mouthpieces, the one mentioned here is among the best-selling models recommended for entry-level players and professional musicians.

The Yamaha YAC-1286 4C mouthpiece makes it easy to obtain a balanced, clear, and focused tone in any octave. Everyone from professionals to beginners likes this Mouthpiece.

It has only 1.6 ounces weight, and its size is 3.9 x 1.8 x 1.8 inches. Taking a start with this one would be suitable for the initial level players as it makes it easier to get a balance. Additionally, it gives a clearer and focused tone.

Novice musicians shouldn’t have a problem learning to play and maintaining a clear and balanced tone. On the other hand, professionals will appreciate the capability of playing any musical style and the sound quality. The product could be more durable, but keep in mind that it is an affordable model.


  • Ideal for professionals and beginners
  • Easy to obtain a balanced, clear, and focused tone in any octave, ideal for professionals and beginners
  • 4C
  • Great for intermediate players
  • 4C, Highly consistent


  • Suitable for skilled users and beginners
  • Easy to maintain a balanced tone
  • Excellent quality for the price


  • Lacks durability

Vandoren SM713 AL5 Optimum Series Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

As the Mouthpiece of choice for classical saxophonists worldwide, the Optimum series provides ease of emission, precise articulation, and an even rich tone.

The conception of this series stems from research on the external shape (particularly the beak or bite plate), the shape of the facing, and sound.

Vandoren had done a lot of research before they launched the Optimum series of classical saxophone mouthpieces.

The idea was to design an all-around product that will deliver well-balanced sound regardless of where you play. It can be an ideal choice for both marching and concerts.

All of this was done to meet the demands of today’s saxophone players.

It has about 1.6 ounces weight, and its size is 1.8 x 6 x 1.8 inches, while its tip opening is a bit larger.

Some other specifications include medium-long facing, accurate articulation, improved control at multiple dynamic ranges, and precise intonation. Besides, it is highly responsive. Grab this for a more pleasant playing experience.

The sax mouthpiece is compatible with reeds designed by the same company, and its performance cannot be compared with other reeds.

Even if you are a beginner, you will quickly get used to this unit. Professionals should also be satisfied with the sound quality.


  • Tip opening 1/100mm: 152
  • Facing length: ML
  • Ligature and cap are not included
  • Highly versatile
  • Easy response
  • Ideal for beginners as well as for advanced players


  • Suitable for beginners and pros
  • Well-balanced sound and all-around performance
  • An excellent choice for marching and concerts


  • It may be incompatible with some reeds

Andoer Alto Sax Saxophone 8C Mouthpiece Metal

This alto sax mouthpiece is another suitable option for starters and intermediate players. It offers excellent quality and remarkable intonation, and impressive tonal quality at a very low price. It is also very light weighted and carries just 4.8 ounces.

Speaking of the dimensions, it includes 5.6 x 4.2 x 1.9 inches. High-quality brass is used as the manufacturing material that ensures enhanced durability.

Last but not least, it comes complete with two pads and one cap. The two pads enable you to select the most appropriate one, and the cap keeps the Mouthpiece clean.


  • It’s designed for alto sax, made of high-quality metal.
  • It comes out with a pretty good sound.
  • Equipped with a metal cap to keep it clean and a metal buckle to fasten reed. (The reed is not included.)
  • You are supplied with two pieces of mouthpiece pads to match your need better.
  • Type: 8C


  • Suitable for beginners and pros
  • Well-balanced sound and all-around performance


  • The ligature is fiddly to attach with reed

D’Addario Select Jazz Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

D’Addario’s Select Jazz Mouthpieces is a vintage-inspired mouthpiece that uses modern techniques to find the ideal balance of feel and tone.

With its precision design, the D’Addario’s was created with a detailed computer-created technology specializing in making mouthpieces.

The manufacturer created D’Addario’s was with a detailed computer-created technology that specializes in making mouthpieces.

A team of engineers and musicians expertly designed it and had it milled, instead of molded, from solid rubber.

This Mouthpiece is machine-finished with facing lengths and medium chambers feature in the three tip openings currently available – 5, 6, and 7. Select jazz features produce that classic jazz sound and give you that sought-after response you hear from vintage mouthpieces.

The D’Addario’s Select Jazz Mouthpiece has the incredible versatility needed to play all Jazz styles and produce even intonations for the complete saxophone range.

It will be a pleasure to practice and play the Saxophone with this accessible Mouthpiece. It is worth mentioning that this Mouthpiece will suit the C5 model, Alto saxophones.

So, this is a detail worthy of consideration before opting for this product, as it may not suit the used Saxophone.


  • Features medium chambers and facing lengths
  • Available in three tip openings: 5, 6, and 7
  • Classic sound and response, with even intonation across the entire range of the Saxophone


  • Good Mouthpiece for a reasonable price
  • Impressive student mouthpiece
  • Well-made, it creates a warm sound


  • Chamber is too large for some people

Vandoren CM4158 M13

This is an excellent mouthpiece for playing the upper registers. It has an incredible price and sturdy build with beautiful finishing. Its slightly large opening guarantees a beautiful sound rich in tone.

The Vandoren CM4158 is an easy-to-play Mouthpiece that sounds best in the upper register giving performers a pure sound. It is a medium-long facing mouthpiece that works best with Vandoren #3.5-#5 Reeds.

It is best for chamber and symphonic music.

This particular Mouthpiece was built explicitly for an A440 pitch clarinet. It has a beautiful finish with an 88-beak profile and produces an excellent, natural sound due to the medium-long face.

It is a versatile mouthpiece that can comfortably work with an A or B flat clarinet.

The ligature is made from hard rubber to produce a great sound that is rich and clear. This Mouthpiece will work well with Vandrovens hard reeds; #3.5 and higher with a v12 strength.


  • It has a great sound with a simple upper register
  • It has a tip opening of 102
  • Large facing
  • Works great with either a Vandoren #3.5 or #5 Reeds
  • Its beak is an 88 profile; 13 A=440 series


  • Suitable for professionals down to an intermediate student
  • Well worth the price
  • Instantly improves your tone


  • Not suitable for beginners or young players

Meyer Hard Rubber Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece 6 Medium

For years the most famous jazz mouthpiece on the market, Meyer mouthpieces offer a variety of sounds, responses and dynamic ranges. Select from different chambers and facings to personalize your tone.

Easy-to-blow Meyer rubber mouthpieces can be played by almost anyone –from student to virtuoso, making them a top choice of players at every level.

For exquisite playing response and smoothness of tone, these mouthpieces stand alone because there is no substitute for quality.

They are easy to blow hard rubber mouthpieces that are good for beginners to professionals.

They are a popular choice for any level player. They have been the most famous jazz mouthpiece available for many years since they can give you a wide range of responses, sounds, and dynamic ranges.

There are several different chamber sizes and facing to help you to personalize your tone.



  • 5 – .071″
  • 6 – .076″
  • 7 – .081″
  • 8 – .086″
  • 9 – .092″


  • It makes a significant difference in your playing
  • Well-made and fits the reed well
  • A great mix of sound and edge


  • The Mouthpiece can be hard to control

Beechler Diamond Inlay Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece Model S7

When we are focusing on the S7 model, the very first thing we notice is how easy it is to blow into this Mouthpiece for Saxophone.

The tones it delivers are bright and rich regardless of your playing style. However, you may particularly like it if you are a fan of Jazz.

The manufacturer used hard rubber but added some design specifics to ensure the high quality of the tone. The Mouthpiece is reasonably durable, but it may take a while until you pick the right ligature.

Due to that fact, it may not be the best choice for beginners. Please note that there are six facings and three bores available to choose from in this series. It features three bores and six facings.

The design of the small-bore enhances the higher frequencies of the instrument. The medium-high baffle induces a fast air column which generates a powerful and brilliant sound rich in overtones.

The embouchure can be shaped to favor the highs, creating an intense buzzing sound, or shaped to favor the lows, creating a mellow and vibrant sound.

The design of the second bore favors the medium-high frequencies of the instrument. The open style baffle induces a medium-fast air column which reduces the available power and brilliance, giving a subtle flavor to the sound while maintaining ease of projection. This chamber is suitable for saxophone sections or soloing with a combo.

The design of the third bore favors the low to medium-high frequencies of the instrument. This baffle style induces a moderate airspeed that lends itself to producing a dark sound suitable for close-miked or classical situations.


  • Select from three bores and six facings
  • The Beechler Hard Rubber Diamond Inlay mouthpieces provide the variations needed to produce a unique richness and quality of tone.


  • Excellent tone quality and richness
  • A wise choice if you are playing Jazz
  • Easy to play


  • It may produce squeaky noises with some ligatures

Buyers Guide

It would be best if you had a mouthpiece that will match your instrument and your music style and skill level.

There are a few things to consider before you start shopping. A good mouthpiece can keep you from discouraging time playing your instrument instead of the fun and rewarding experience you want.

1.       Tuning

You need to make sure you get a mouthpiece that is specially designed for your instrument. Mouthpieces are instrument-specific, so you can use a tenor sax mouthpiece on alto sax and vice-versa.

2.       BreakPoint

The breakpoint is where the reed is separated from the table’s flat surface, which is also the beginning of the facing curve.

3.       Material

There are mouthpieces made out of plastic recommended to beginners, and the rubber is used more often in classical and Jazz music.

Crystal is also more popular with jazz players, and wood is an unstable yet warm-sounding material, metal-plated mouthpieces popular with nearly all types of tunes in every genre.

Further, stainless metal mouthpieces are the easiest to maintain cleanliness and produce bright sounds while containing the most projection.

Out of all these materials, it is up to you to decide which type you want, depending on the music you intend to play.

4.       Position of the Baffle

If you are new at playing saxophones, the baffle is a part of the Mouthpiece on the opposite side compared to the window, and the part plays a role in how the bite of the Mouthpiece looks.

A low baffle will mean that you will mainly get a warm and mellow sound, whereas a higher baffle will give you a brighter sound and more projection.

5.       Table of your Mouthpiece

The table is the part of the Mouthpiece where the reed sits, and it should sit very securely. Excellent contact between the table and the reed will result in the reed functioning properly, and it will also provide players with excellent tone production.

6.       The Ligature

The ligature is the fastening hardware that will fit over the Mouthpiece that holds the reed in place on your instrument. The ligature applies pressure evenly to the reed as just a slight unevenness will give you poor intonation and squeaks.

7.       Saxophone Mouthpieces

Saxophone mouthpieces tend to be created for a specific genre. Jazz players like the higher baffles with the larger chambers and tip openings will give you a fatter tone.

Saxophone mouthpieces are created explicitly for either jazz, rock, or fusion styles of music so that players can get a specific timbre out of their instrument.

To help players get these timbres out of their instrument, mouthpiece manufacturers design models with large chambers, high baffles, and large tips.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.       What is a baffle? What kind of baffle type would you recommend for a beginner?

A baffle is a part that you will find on the opposite aspect of the reed. Look behind the rail at the tip, and that’s where it will be.

You can choose between several baffle types, including flat, step, and rollover baffles. If you are a beginner, you want to consider the stepped baffle, especially if you buy a mouthpiece for alto sax.

It is a baffle that secures a clean flow of air, which ensures bright sounds. The flat baffle also allows people to hear your instrument over others, and it can be excellent for playing solos.

2.       Is it a good idea to buy a used saxophone mouthpiece?

We need to clarify that you shouldn’t worry about potential health issues if buying a used mouthpiece for sax.

You can use warm water and gentle soap to wash and clean it, or even a toothbrush to reach all spots. Avoid hot water, but feel free to use alcohol as it can kill microbes.

Next, you should consider the performance of a used mouthpiece. It would be best if you have a way to ensure that its performance is uncompromised. That way, you will get the sound quality you were expecting.

3.       Do saxophone mouthpieces make a difference?

The result is that there is no significant difference in a listener’s perception of saxophone sound when steel or hard plastic mouthpieces of similar dimensions are employed in playing long tones on a saxophone. There are many qualities involved in producing a sound from a saxophone mouthpiece.


It doesn’t take an expert to figure out that Vandoren SM711 can be an excellent choice if you play an alto saxophone.

It is an all-around and highly versatile unit with a balanced sound and won’t let you down in any situation.

Selmer S-80 is another great alto saxophone mouthpiece that gives you plenty of versatility when it comes to music styles you can play.

If you are looking for a premium unit that can be a long-term investment, this can be the one.

Considering the quality, durability and functional efficiency, all are good. To get the most suitable one, all you need is to specify your budget range and identify your needs as a player.

Each player has different needs, and everyone can be in different learning stages. Depending on how capable you are in playing the alto sax, you can easily select these Alto Saxophone Mouthpieces.

We hope this post was helpful to you; feel free to share.

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