Best Harp for Child

Best Harp for Child


The harp is perhaps one of the most treasured string instruments in the field of music. It has been used by both kids and adults for many years. Whether your child is learning to play the harp or you are looking to gift them a new instrument, you can find many options out on the market.

Equally, there are a few things to keep in mind when buying your best harp for a child in 2021. Therefore, in these reviews, we take you through the 10 best harps for children that you can consider gifting your child.

10 Best Harps for Children

S SMAUTOP 10 String Lyre Harp

The 10 string Lyre harp is one of the top-rated instruments from S SMAUTOP. It is made from mahogany material that makes the harp strong enough to keep the instrument’s tone while preventing it from warping. With the 10 metal strings, your child will make pleasant sounds when playing with their fingers.

The round edge makes playing more safe and comfortable for young ones while the saddle transmits the string vibrations even better. The exquisite compact design makes the harp easy for beginners to carry and handle effectively during play. With the unique carry bag, your little one will conveniently to parties and concerts for perfect music.

Key Features

πŸ† U-shaped design

πŸ† 10 Metal strings

πŸ† Solid mahogany resonance box

πŸ† Carbon steel keys


  • Great size perfect for beginner
  • Easy to tune as it comes with a tuning lever
  • High-quality construction materials


  • None

Vangoa 10 String Lyre Harp

Vangoa Lyre Harp is another world-class harp that is made from high-quality mahogany to produce a richer, complex tone, with exquisite clarity and resonance. The 10 strings won’t necessarily limit your child from trying complex and advanced songs.

It features a portable design and size that will be comfortable for beginners. It is lightweight with a considerate bottom design making it ideal to hold and comfortable for long practice. Since it is essentially designed to be one of the best harps for beginners. It comes with extra strings, tuning keys, a padded carry bag, and an easy-to-read user manual.

Key Features

πŸ† 10 phosphor bronze strings

πŸ† Anti-scratches and anti-break metal protector

πŸ† Hand-picked solid mahogany material


  • Easy to learn perfect for beginner
  • Excellent sound
  • Beautiful mahogany grain
  • Great price


  • Doesn’t stay in tune for longer

Horse 10 String Lyre Harp

The 10 string music harp comes equipped with long-lasting steel strings that deliver a durable ringing tone ones plucked. The shorter you make the string the higher the tone you get and so does the tension of the strings. Since you have to tune it first, it comes with a tuning wrench so you can adjust the tension of the strings either clockwise or counterclockwise.

The harp features a rounded edge which allows for a more safe and comfortable hold. The high hardness and density of the mahogany keep in the tone while preventing the string force into the materials. As such, the harp is warmly voiced with an exquisite tone.

Key Features

πŸ† 10 durable steel strings

πŸ† Rounded amazing design

πŸ† Gstrings for Android system

πŸ† Durable Mahogany


  • Premium quality with mahogany
  • Unique rounded edge for a soft, warmer pleasant tone
  • Easily adjustable string tension clockwise and counterclockwise


  • Requires regular tuning as it keeps sliding out of tune

TIOIT 7 String Lyre Harp

The 7 string lyre harp from TIOIT is made from mahogany materials that make the sound richer and more complex. The sound comes out even clearer and resonance as the instrument is polished and burnished several times.

The harp is equipped with durable 7 steel strings that you can easily adjust the tension either clockwise or counterclockwise with the included wrench. That way, your child can easily pluck with the fingertips one by one to produce a wonderful sound to soothe and release stress. So if you are thinking to gift your child, this harp could be the best.

Key Features

πŸ†Β High-density mahogany material

πŸ†Β  Β 7 Steel strings

πŸ† Tuning wrench

πŸ† Gigbag


  • Easy to adjust perfectly for beginner
  • Easy plucking 7 strings
  • Durable with mahogany material construction


  • None

Kmise 7 String Lyre Harp

This is yet another seven-string lyre harp that produces a soft and melodious sound that you and your child will love ones plucked. It comes with a full set of accessories such as lyre user and Kmise DIY lyre harp kit.

The laminated basswood body build makes the instrument easy to handle and play. Besides, it brings out the unique U design with a rounded resonant box. Since it comes with everything, you can easily assemble it with great love and care.

Key Features

πŸ†Β  7 Steel material

πŸ†Β  ABS saddle material

πŸ†Β  Laminated Bass material


  • Compact and lightweight perfect for a beginner
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to play with seven strings


  • Fragile with soft materials

GOMOO 16 String Lyre Harp

The 16 steel strings lyre instrument from GOMOO is ideal for already experienced children who are looking to explore more notes, choices, and more music. With high-quality steel strings, you will get clear and beautiful music without hurting your hands.

It is a beginner harp made from high-quality mahogany that ensures clearer and exceptional resonance. Besides, with the unique concave design, smooth surface, and exquisite workmanship you will receive a beautiful tone. The rounded shape provides a safe and comfortable harp to hold and play.

This beginner harp features a bone saddle that transmits vibration better while it is loop end designed for extra stability and keeping it in tune. It is relatively lightweight that a child can carry it wherever their music concert takes them.

Key Features

πŸ† Mahogany material body-build

πŸ† 16 Steel strings

πŸ† Exquisite round shape


  • Amazing classical finish
  • Durable with mahogany body-build and steel strings
  • Loop end design for stability and keeping it in tune


  • Lacks picks or replacement strings

Smequeen 15 Strings Celtic Irish Harp

The 15 nylon string Celtic Irish is a brand new string harp made from high-density mahogany material. It features a unique timbre close to the catgut string with the volume and sturdiness of steel strings. However, the nylon strings are affected by weather, humidity, and temperature to deliver low vibrations. It has a different color of strings to help the child to easily recognize the string even better.

It features a curved design from high density and strong mahogany. The hardness of the material comes in handy in keeping the instrument in tone while avoiding the string forcing into the wood. Besides, this harp is warmly voiced to ensure it produces a pleasant tone.

With the three large sound holes where sound can fully resonate and disperse out, this Celtic harp can produce a little richer and more unique tone. If you are looking forward to gifting your kid with a musical instrument, then this harp is the real deal.

Key Features

πŸ† 15 Nylon strings

πŸ† Mahogany body-build

πŸ† 3 Large bit holes


  • Pros
  • Pleasant sound quality
  • Lightweight perfect for beginner
  • Affordable price
  • Comes with spare strings


  • A bit difficult to tune the nylon strings

Aklot 7 String Lyre Harp

The Aklot 7 string lyre harp is an exquisite instrument crafted from a piece of mahogany. The high density and hardness of the material make the harp strong enough to prevent string force into the wood while keeping it in tone. Since it is warmly voiced, it produces a pleasant tone.

All 7 strings are made from steel making them long-lasting. Besides, the steel material produces a ringing tone that can fill the entire room on every pluck. The shorter you make the string, the higher the tone you get. You can also get a higher tone with the increase of string tension.

The instrument features a rounded edge design that is safer and comfortable. Coupled with the bone saddle and the loop end design, you will get better vibrations while the tune is maintained.

Key Features

πŸ† Durable mahogany

πŸ† 7 Steel strings

πŸ†Β Tuning wrench

πŸ† Bone saddle

πŸ† Rounded edge design


  • Elegant and beautiful
  • Unique rounded design for better vibration and tone
  • Seven steel strings for easy plucking
  • Easy to adjust the tone with an amazing tuning range


  • Not concert grade

Mr. Power 7 String Lyre Harp

The Mr. Power is a seven-string harp that is made from Okoume wood. It is round-shaped, polished to make it smooth for safer and comfortable holding for children. It comes with 7 steel strings and another set with a tuning wrench that helps you adjust strings’ tension to attain your preferred tone.

This lyre harp is warmly voiced to deliver exceptional tone on each pluck of the durable steel strings. The notes are well-marked on the soundboard to allow easy learning making it one of the best harps for beginners. As such, it is an ideal musical gift for your young beginners or your friends.

Key Features

πŸ† Okoume wood

πŸ† 7 Steel strings

πŸ† Warm voiced

πŸ† Polished rounded edges

πŸ† Tuning wrench


  • Pros
  • Affordable price
  • Warm voiced for pleasant tonesBeautiful with sunburst color
  • Smooth rounded edges for safety and comfort hold


  • Requires regular tuning for the string to stay in tune

LOLUNUT 16 String Lyre Harp

The LOLUNUT 16 steel string is a lyre harp made from premium mahogany with perfect wood grain, density, and pores that bring out an exciting warm tone. This instrument is engraved with a deer pattern making it one of the best harps for professional beginners.

This string harp features a compact and lightweight design that is suitable for a younger player’s body. Moreover, the distance between the strings matches the size of the playing hand of a young one. As such, each pluck will resonate to produce continuous pure, warm, sounds. The instrument comes packed with a tuning wrench, extra 16 strings, 2 pieces of picks, and 1 piece of clean cloth.

Key Features

πŸ† Solid mahogany

πŸ† Carbon steel keys

πŸ† Antioxidant strings

πŸ† Bronze saddle

πŸ† Deer pattern design


  • Compact size and lightweight for safe and comfortable handling
  • Quality mahogany grain for warm sustainable tone
  • Durable model with strong mahogany and steel strings
  • Easy to learn and play


  • Requires restringing to hold on to the note.

What are the Best Harps for Beginners – Buying Guide

Although we have done our best to present you with some of the best harps for beginners from different brands, there are other exceptional choices available that can suit your kid’s musical requirements. Regardless of the kind of harp, your kid wants to play or their playing style is, you will need a good quality instrument.

So, what are some of the things to consider to purchase the best quality harp model for your kid?

Β·Β Β Β Β Β  Durability

Durability is a factor that truly matters in a harp. Choose a strong enough harp to withstand frequent use and should not bend or break under pressure. Even though the sturdiness of the harp is crucial, the durability of each string is equally vital.

Β·Β Β Β Β Β Β  Weight

A harp should come with solid construction to support its weight. However, it must not be too heavy for your kid to drag or push around. So make sure your kid can carry and play the harp without a hassle.

Β·Β Β Β Β Β  Size

The size of the harp is measured in inches. When buying, ensure that your child will handle and play it effectively. Also, consider the number of strings that are easy for beginners to play with.

Β·Β Β Β Β Β Β  Shape

The shape of the harp you purchase will largely affect the sounds it will produce. A round harp generates much brighter sounds than a square-shaped harp. With this in mind, pick a shape that best suits your kid’s musical aspirations.

Β·Β Β Β Β Β Β  Tuning Range

Some harps come with a tuning range that is way too low or too high. While some harps are tuned to the lowest note, others can old be tuned up to D. So get the right tuning range for the instrument before purchasing.

Wrap Up

We sincerely hope you have gotten enough great information in this post to find the best harp for your child. Whether it is for fun or you want your kid to transition to other harps like pedals harps and lever harps. The harps we have reviewed above would be a good step to start. Regardless of the instrument you choose from our 10 best harps for kids, we hope your child will have a great time with it.

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