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In today’s world, you have a wide variety of guitar lesson formats to choose from. Although some people prefer the traditional tutoring method, many choose the more introvert-friendly method of online tutoring. It doesn’t matter which way you look at it; one of the biggest concerns for someone in this situation is the cost.

Many factors determine the cost of a guitar lesson, such as the length of the lesson, the teacher’s experience, the medium of administration (studio, home, office, etc. ), the location, and the competition in the area.

The cost of guitar lessons typically ranges from $40 to $60 per hour. A half-hour lesson starts at $30 for a local guitar teacher, while online guitar lessons are 20% less expensive. Beginners may get a complimentary lesson from an instructor.

Average Cost of Guitar Lessons

There is indeed no standard national guideline for average guitar lesson prices, but guitar teachers provide a general estimate as follows:

Guitar Lessons Cost Per Hour

Guitar lessons range from $40 to $60 per hour, depending on the instructor’s experience and skill level. A $30 hourly rate is ordinary among new teachers, while an award-winning instructor charges $80 to $100 per hour.

Guitar Lessons For Beginners Prices

Beginners can get a discounted first session to determine if a particular teacher is a good match for them. For example, Alexander Milovanov in Torrance, California, offers a free first lesson to new students, and afterwards, you can choose from several different lesson payment plans.

Guitar lessons are cheapest for beginners if they begin with a teacher who is an experienced guitarist but who only has a few years of teaching experience. These experts can help you get off to a great start by showing you the basics. Afterwards, when you are ready to learn more advanced techniques and playing styles, you can hire a more qualified teacher who will charge a higher fee.

Private Guitar Lessons Cost

Private lessons with a skilled guitarist in person are the fastest way to learn, but they are more expensive than online lessons. For example, you might expect to pay $80 an hour or more for private lessons in New York. However, in a city known for its musicians like Nashville, Tennessee, the average price for private guitar lessons is around $30 for half an hour and $40 or more for one hour.

Online & Skype Guitar Lessons Prices

On average, online and Skype guitar lessons cost $30 to $40 per hour, or approximately 20 per cent less than they would typically charge for an hour in person.

It is affordable to take guitar lessons via a video chat setup, and instructors give you valuable feedback in real-time. In addition, a guitar expert who can watch and listen to you play is a valuable tool for helping you learn the instrument quickly.

Nonetheless, some techniques are difficult to demonstrate without being in person with your tutor. Therefore, if you plan to take online classes, you should schedule at least one in-person lesson per month.

Professional Guitar Lessons Prices


Guitar Center Lessons Cost

For four 30-minute lessons, Guitar Center lessons cost $120, and four one-hour lessons cost $240. A typical hourly rate is $60, but prices may vary at different locations, so call ahead and ask directly for local information.

Although Guitar Center guitar lessons offer extra perks, they are not free. For example, they offer free workshops and clinics to students, free jam nights for student collaboration, and they answer additional questions for free during store hours on their scheduled shift.

There is a guitar lesson for every skill level for ages seven and up, and they can cover any genre of music. Considering that they have certified instructors with years of experience teaching, the Guitar Center lesson price plan is highly reasonable.


School of Rock Guitar Lessons Cost

Guitar lessons at the internationally known School of Rock cost up to $400 per month. Exact prices, however, vary depending on the location and the type of class offered. Children’s guitar lessons at New York School of Rock, for example, cost around $70 for 30 minutes.

School of Rock provides students with music education through performance. Moreover, teachers offer group lessons and workshops at a discount, encouraging open collaboration with other musicians. California, New York, Texas, Illinois, and Florida are some states where you can find School of Rock locations.


Fender Guitar Lessons Cost

With the Fender Play app, you can sign up for free for ten days and then pay $10 a month. There is a customizable online-video course that you can take at your own pace while choosing your favourite types of music to learn. Additionally, you can choose the guitar you are learning to get advice tailored to your particular instrument.

Other online subscription sites like JamPlay and GuitarTricks provide unlimited access to guitar video lessons for $20 per month.

Factors that Can Impact Cost

It would help if you considered several factors when determining the cost of your guitar lessons.


Teacher Experience and Expertise

Therefore, the better and more experienced a teacher is, the more they will charge for individual time slots. Throughout the years, Steve Vai and Joe Satriani have also taught lessons. In addition to offering lessons via Skype, Skillet’s guitarist Seth Morrison also teaches.

These guys will charge more than your average local guitar teacher, which is understandable. The teacher’s affiliation with a larger organization, such as a school or arts council, will also matter.

The person working for the group will sometimes charge less since the group is already paying them.


Lesson Duration

For beginners and younger students, 30 minutes is usually the most affordable lesson length. However, unless you’re an intermediate player, 45 minutes of lessons will be sufficient. Generally, hour-long sessions are offered to people who audition to major in music at a university or advanced guitarists who want to perform regularly.

Many guitar teachers have fixed hourly rates. For example, in the case of a teacher charging $60 per hour for lessons, the teacher would usually charge $30 per 30-minute lesson and $45 per 45-minute lesson.

It would be best if you discussed the length of your guitar lessons with your teacher.


Where You’re Receiving the Lessons

Where you take guitar lessons can also affect how much you spend on them. Here are the differences between:

  • The convenience of online guitar lessons
  • Meeting with your teacher in their studio
  • Having an instructor come to your home to tutor you

·         Online Guitar Lessons

Some guitar teachers offer online guitar lessons via Skype so that their lessons can be more widely accessible. To get the most results from, be sure to select both local and online guitar teachers when searching for guitar lessons. You can then compare options and decide which one works best for you.

·         Private Studio Guitar Lessons

Taking guitar lessons at school or in the teacher’s studio is the most popular method for learning guitar because it offers the best quality instruction at an affordable price.

They can help you adjust your hand positions to make complex chords easier to play. In addition, they can give you much more detailed corrections, which can significantly improve your playing ability.

·         In-Home Guitar Lessons

The most expensive option is to hire a guitar tutor to come out to your home for private lessons. You don’t have to travel back and forth to the studio; it’s the most convenient method if you are very self-conscious and would like a private lesson. However, you will be required to cover the tutor’s travel expenses and their time to accommodate you into their schedule.


Which Online Program You Use

A monthly membership fee is usually required if you choose online guitar lessons. Their pricing structure is different from that of a traditional guitar lesson.

Check out this pricing chart to see how much each of the major guitar lesson websites will cost you per month. You will find that the lower and further to the right you go, the cheaper it is.


Professional Lesson Organizations

Only a few companies offer lessons at multiple locations, but their prices are often similar to the costs of private tutoring, if not a bit more.

We have addressed specific organizations in the following articles:

  • Guitar Center Lessons
  • School of Rock Guitar Lessons

Generally, you can expect to pay between $0.80 and $1.00 per minute, though the rate may vary by location. Similarly priced lessons are also available at Sweetwater and Long & McQuade.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.       What is the recommended frequency of guitar lessons?

It is imperative to take weekly guitar lessons if you are serious about learning fast and avoiding hard-to-break bad habits later. To master the art of playing the guitar, you must develop new motor skills in your hands, and there is no shortcut to this except weekly repetition.

Muscle memory can only be achieved through practice, and weekly lessons with 20 minutes of practice every day is the best way to make progress. You will learn much more slowly if you practice less than that or if your lessons are further apart; you are also more likely to forget what you have already learned.

2.       What is the duration of guitar lessons?

Guitar lessons typically last between 30 and 60 minutes per session. It is better to start with shorter lessons for beginners since they need time to build up stamina in their hands before playing for longer periods.

Once you have been practising for a few months, it becomes more natural and beneficial to practice with your guitar instructor for an hour at a time. Depending on the teacher, some will emphasize reading music and guitar tablature while others will emphasize hands-on playing technique, so the length of the lessons will also vary.

3.       How Old Should Kids Start Guitar Lessons?

While many guitar schools suggest waiting until a child is at least seven years old before taking lessons, children as young as three can start learning to play with the Suzuki Guitar Method, which breaks the training down into tiny, simple steps.

Since every child has different talents and learning capacities, no one can say when the best age is for kids to learn how to play the guitar. Suzuki Guitar Lessons for young children are available at the New York City Guitar School, for example. In addition, the school encourages parents to help their children practice at home.

4.       What is the cost of electric guitar lessons?

There is a slight difference in price between electric and acoustic guitar lessons due to the greater training required to play the electric guitar. In addition to learning all the chords and playing techniques, you must also learn how to use an amp and all the other controls on an electric guitar.

5.       Does Being a good guitarist take a long time?

It isn’t easy to play the guitar unless you develop strong wrists and fingers and good calluses on your fingertips to hold the chords, especially on a steel-string guitar. The process takes about two weeks to one month, so be patient with yourself.

Learning guitar chords is much easier if you find guitar chords for one of your favourite songs, especially ones written in simple keys with basic major chords like C, D, and G. You’ll feel much more motivated to practice a song when you know the tune by heart already.

Once you can play your first song slowly, you can gradually practise playing it with a song recording in the background to increase your playing speed. As a result, you’ll be more inspired to learn more songs and keep improving.

6.       How Much Should I Charge For Guitar Lessons?

The average guitar instructor charges between $30 and $60 per hour. You’ll need to call around and determine the average rates in your area before determining how much you should charge.

Music teachers with degrees and training from George Washington University in D.C. and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill can quickly charge $60 to $100 per hour. Guitar lessons should be charged at $40 or less for those with fewer qualifications and experience.

7.       What is the cost of a guitar?

The average price of a guitar for a beginner is $200. However, there is a wide range of prices for guitars depending on their size and type and their materials.

Wrap Up

Whether you choose to do an online membership or have an in-person teacher will determine how much you pay for guitar lessons. There are pros and cons to both methods, and the pricing is quite different. So first, analyze what type of learner you are and which method you prefer, then review the pricing to determine the best option for you.

You can also use these numbers to price your 30-minute or hourly guitar lessons if you’re a teacher.

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